You can not change the wind,
but you can set the position of the sails……

Brigit de Lange and Ingrid de Jong have many years of experience as management-assistants at Board level. It is their experience that Board management-assistants often find their position isolating and lonely. That is especially true in dilemmas in which loyalty to the director and their own moral compass collide. This website has been created out of this tension.


Brigit de Lange is working as a PA since 2002 for independent non executives, board members, professors and advisors. Her career started in tourism and later she worked as a director’s secretary for board member and legal counsels in companies noted at the stock exchange. She did a legal study for some years (University Leiden). She graduated in a professional education on communication & public relations. Recently she started a basic education on practical philosophy.


ingridIngrid de Jong-Kraal runs her own business as personal assistant of supervisory board members and professors since 2013.  She has more than 30 years of experience as an executive assistant in especially the financial sector. After her secondary education she studied Human Resource Management.