Publication international research “The secret power in the office”

The results of our international research were published on Friday March 16, 2018. Kees Cools received the first copy in Amsterdam as a reward for this expert and professional contribution to this unique research in 25 countries.
In collaboration with Dutch professors corporate governance and leadership Kees Cools and Erik van de Loo, we conducted this international research among 1,400 members of International Management Assistant (IMA) on the effect of misconduct of directors and employees in organizations on integrity in their role as executive assistant.
With concrete recommendations in the report, we hope to provide executive assistants and management with tools to improve governance within organizations and make moral dilemmas more open for discussions at all levels in companies.

Download here the report.

International survey on dilemmas of management assistants

The IMA Conference “Business Ethics & Integrity” on 29th September in The Hague (Netherlands) will be the kick off of a large international survey on professional dilemmas of management assistants regarding misconduct in their organisation.

This survey aims at analysing the role and professional and personal dilemmas management assistants are faced with. Management assistants have a very special and important role. They serve their director/manager, in several ways they have superior access to crucial information, they are faced with tough dilemmas when faced with integrity matters in their role. Management assistants play a pivotal role at the highest levels of an organisation and their work has significant – but often underestimated – impact.

What is their exact role, vis-à-vis their supervisor and towards the rest of the organisation, which business and integrity dilemma’s do they face, what is the impact of corporate culture on their role and dilemma’s?

These are some of the issues that are addressed in this survey. This survey, initiated by Ingrid de Jong-Kraal and Brigit de Lange, owners of Dilemma-Assist in cooperation with IMA is developed together with Dutch professors of corporate governance and leadership Kees Cools and Erik van de Loo.

In December 2017 the results of the survey will be presented to all IMA members as a closing down of this year’s theme of business ethics.

In spring 2018 Dilemma Assist will organise an international symposium in The Netherlands where the results of the survey will be presented. Prominent international experts, CEO’s and management assistants will comment on the results and share their views. An official publication with results and interviews with – well known- assistants will be published on the occasion of the symposium.