Campaign director causes annoyance

You work as a PA for a large international environment organisation. Your CEO, campaign director, asks you to book a weekly flight ticket for him to visit his wife and children who are living abroad.  As there was no option offered by the company

for his family to move to the country of his employment, he wants to see them every weekend, if possible. To travel by car or train would take too much time for your director. You are proud to work for one of the leading environment organisations that stands for efficient, green energy exploration and the struggle/action/fight to reduce CO2-emissions. The request from your director to book the flight tickets really annoys you and goes against the principles of the organisation as well as your own moral principles. It could also cause damage to the company’s reputation. What would the employees in your organisation think of it? Would you take any action due to your conscience

First of all, you could check any internal codes of conducts or compliance rules whether this way of transport is allowed. You can also discuss with him whether his request is according to his own moral principles. But more, in-line with the company’s image. As soon as Social media knows about it, it could cause problems. Besides he will not be a role model for his employees. And, last but not least, his request causes moral dilemmas for yourself.