CEO in discredit

De Vries has been a CEO of a large company for about 5 years. Formerly, he has worked for several large companies over a period of more than 30 years. You are his PA and

you know him as a charming and energetic person with whom you can get along pretty well. He is also a welcome guest at the clients- and network meetings. However, his reputation is tarnished because of a decision he took years ago, as CEO, with his former employer. Everyone has an opinion about De Vries and he is often featured in social media. How do you deal with this?

In view of the good relationship with De Vries, it is advisable to discuss this matter directly with him, so that this doesn’t taint your relationship with him. In addition, the Communications department should inform employees about the facts of the case and how to handle questions or postings. What is the company’s standpoint on the matter and who is authorised to talk to the media?

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