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Dr. Peter Gillies, GMD Consulting
Visiting Professor TIAS
Expertise: organisation psychology, ethics & leadership

What is the right thing to do?  How do we do the right thing, right?


Drs. Talien Willems, snr. communication advisor by DNB Talien
In this forum on personal title
Expertise: communication

  “The most important thing in communication is what is not said


Marnix Smit

Mr. Marnix Smit, lawyer KienhuisHoving Lawyers and Notaries
Expertise: labor law

“Make appointments and rules clear and leave little to no room for own interpretation”


Drs. MildMildred pasfotored Hofkes, founder and owner of Bureau Hofkes Reputationmanagement and
founder of the platform NieuwBestuur

Expertise: reputationmanagement

“Public opinion is (almost) always right. As a management-assistant you are in the position to hear important information and to pass this on to management. This can prove to be a great service to management as well as to the organisation”